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Employee Non-Compete Agreement Template

Teresa Maslova January 27, 2021 Agreement

An employee non-compete agreement specifically used when a person is place to find trade secrets which may be valuable to a rival. This form may be utilized if an employee is settle to go away from the company together with trade secrets or sensitive detail.

Essentially, a non-compete agreement makes it possible for a company to guard their business by lawfully preventing an employee from revealing information they will have learned from the work`s office.

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What is an Employee Non-Compete Agreement?

An employee non-compete agreement is a law-full contract between a worker and company at the employee consent to never take part or launch a competing profession, generally as soon as they leave the corporation. In other words, this can be actually a agreement between a worker and their company which disallow the employee from taking in a business which competes with an company`s business.

That will be always to help keep the employee out of moving into business contrary to the company, broadly speaking for a particular period within a specific geographic area, afterwards leaving the former company under consideration.

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The employer might well not have the capability to induce a worker to sign this agreement, nevertheless they are able to finish the employee`s position or opt to not engage a person if they don`t sign.

Why employers use a non-compete agreement?

1. Maintain the Competitive Boundary

First of all, employers require this agreement to keep up the competitive advantage that the secrets grant to them. They don`t want these company`s secrets to become spilled out to every other individual that could use them contrary to their circumstance.

2. Preserve their Existence

The company secrets are important point to keep them operational. Any revelation of these details can mean catastrophe to the businesses themselves. Therefore, company need to maintain this information confidential to conserve their business existence.

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3. Safeguard Market Share

Closely linked for their own business continuity could be the matter of market share. In the event the company secrets are crushed over, they may possibly lead to the production of the said goods with other companies that could be a time bomb to their particular market share.

4. Guarantee Stable Revenue Inflows

In the end, companies also would like to protect their revenue isn`t interfering with in whatever manifestation. That`s the reason why they concern to it that their secrets stay undamaged and aren`t spilled outside uncontrolled and used by other people.

Basic Terms of an Employee Non-Compete Agreement

1. Non-compete Disclosure

This is really a point that blocks a present employee from revealing the company secrets he/she accrues throughout his/her tenure from the company. This agreement is more reciprocal for the reason it is signed and accepted by both parties to this agreement.

2. Lasting Power

Lasting power denotes the full time period that the agreement is currently in effect. Oftentimes, it starts immediately after the employee starts dealing together with the business. Sometimes, it can initiate if the contract finally expires.

3. Jurisdiction

These generally include such aspects as the space at which the company is established, its own market share, or perhaps the spans of time when the agreement may possibly be convenient. It excuses the employee to disclose those secrets beyond the specified boundaries.


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