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Post Production Checklist Form Sample Template Word

Emily Mullaly October 16, 2022 Checklist
The process of "post-production" of a video might require numerous unique individuals working on many distinct teams. Particularly with regard to the review and approval processes.
Before your film is made public, there are likely to be a lot of individuals who want to have their opinion about it. This includes everyone from video editors and creative directors to brand managers and legal teams. And since there are so many moving elements, things have the potential to get convoluted. Fast.
Because of this, it is very necessary to have a video post-production process that has been well-thought-out. You may drastically cut down on the amount of time spent on reviewing and approving anything by simply laying out exactly who is involved in each stage of the process.
Make use of this tutorial to plan out the process for your video post-production. We'll begin by providing an overview of the normal post-production process, and then we'll examine the many parties that can be involved in each phase, depending on whether you work in-house, for an advertising agency, or for a video production business.

The essential actions involved in the post-production process

The process of post-production for videos consists of a number of processes, which often include the following:
It is possible for this, as well as the sequence in which it is completed, to change based on the video project that you are currently working on. You will be able to handle feedback on your film until you have finished all of these processes if you use the video review software that File stage provides.

Different workflows for post-production of videos

At various points during the process, several reviewers will be called upon to provide feedback. Who is involved also differs according to the company for which one works. The following are three different samples of what a process for video post-production may look like.
1. Video production firm
When it comes to the creation of films for your business, video production firms are at the top of the food chain. They are able to handle large projects such as high-budget promotional videos, as well as television and movie theater ads. The following parties are often engaged in stakeholder meetings at a video production company:
Staff from inside
It is quite probable that the internal team will be engaged in each and every phase of the process. They will provide comments about the technical aspects of the material, such as which photos have been selected, how they have been cropped or color-graded, and the sound effects that have been used. They will make certain that the movie satisfies the requirements that were discussed and agreed upon with their customer connections (in this case, an agency). This phase of evaluation could involve the following:
Staff of the agency
In general, the team from the agency will provide input on the overall look and feel of the material as well as the narrative that it conveys, but they will avoid getting too technical. They will have conversations on a variety of topics, including voice-over possibilities, music, and pace, in order to ensure that it is appropriate for the brand and that it will connect with the audience. It's possible that this group will include:
Team for a brand
After some time has passed, the brand team will provide their input. They will scrutinize the material, paying particular attention to the presentation of the goods or services being offered. Their top objectives include checking everything to ensure that content is factual, consistent with the brand, and ready to be published. This phase of evaluation could involve the following:
2. Firm that deals in advertising
Over the last decade, advertising companies have been hiring video editors at a rate that is comparable to that of hiring hotcakes. This is primarily due to the proliferation of social media platforms and the desire of companies to improve their game in terms of the creation of content for social media platforms. The process of giving the go-ahead may be broken down into the following phases for agencies:
Staff of the agency
This group is going to be in charge of ensuring that the video is of a high standard and something that the organization can be pleased to have its name associated with. They will also check that it satisfies the requirements of the brief and the client's brand. It's possible that this group will include:
Group of customers
On the client side, the brand and marketing teams would want to hear comments on the portrayal of the brand and any items or services that are associated with it. They will ensure that everything, from the music selections to the colors that are utilized, is absolutely consistent with the brand. This phase of evaluation could involve the following:
Extended team for the client
Obtaining clearance from the members of the legal team and the product experts will be the very last stage in the procedure. They will conduct an in-depth analysis of the facts, checking to see that every piece of material supplied is correct to the letter of the law and meets all requirements. This phase of evaluation could involve the following:
3. Internal marketing staff of the company
According to a recent report, 97% of firms have shifted at least some of their digital marketing in-house this year. This trend is contributing to the expansion of in-house marketing teams, which are on the increase. The following teams are likely to be engaged in any in-house video post-production that is carried out.
Group of creatives
They will have input on everything, from the sequence of the shots to the visual effects to the volume of the sound, since they will be engaged in every stage of the process.
Both the brand and the marketing
Later on, the in-house brand and marketing team will be brought into the fold to ensure that everything is completely consistent with the brand and directed toward the appropriate audience.
Other stakeholders
Towards the very end of the procedure, there may be more stakeholders engaged, although this may vary from task to job. In the event that it is a sales video, the speaker may be the Head of Sales. Regarding material related to social media, it might be the Head of Social. It is possible that Head of People will have information on recruiting.
Post Production Checklist Form Sample Template Word Editing, Workflow Template, Video Pre Checklist, Roles, For Dummies,  Example


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