Film Production Equipment Checklist Template Word Pdf, Template, Video Checklist, Process Steps,  Sample

Film Production Equipment Checklist Template Word

Emma Keith October 19, 2022 Checklist
No matter how experienced or inexperienced a filmmaker you are, there are some essential pieces of gear that you just cannot go without. In this post, we take a look at the fundamental checklist that serves as the cornerstone of a successful filmmaking experience.
It's a reality, and it doesn't matter whether you're just starting out as a filmmaker or if you run a company that wants to create some films in-house. One of the first things on your to-do list should be picking out the appropriate equipment for video creation.
On the other hand, there is a mind-boggling variety of equipment to choose from. In addition, regardless of whether you want to rent or buy the equipment, finding the correct set might be a challenge.
As a result, we have focused on the most important aspects to help you get started. After you have mastered the fundamentals, you should not be afraid to go out and try new things. Having this production equipment checklist, on the other hand, will ensure that you get off to a good start.

Video camera

Your camera is undoubtedly one of the most essential components of your set. Your spending limit should be the primary consideration when selecting a camera for your project; nevertheless, the nature of the work should also be taken into account.
Who exactly is the audience that you have in mind? Are you intending to broadcast the video on social media, on a huge screen, or is it merely going to be exhibited on a smart device or TV for the purpose of a function? Are you planning on taking any photos that need a lot of stealth or a static camera?
There is a wide variety of options available to consumers in terms of the kinds, brands, and models of video cameras. Documentaries, for instance, are the kind of films that may be filmed with anything from a smartphone to the most advanced camera in Red Epic's range of equipment.
The following are some options for cameras:
If you are going to video anything, you should always remember to bring extra batteries and a power charger, regardless of the camera you use. These days, they frequently come packaged with a hand USB as well as a vehicle charger. It guarantees that you will have sufficient recording time on your camera and that you will be able to charge a battery that has run out of juice so that the video may continue.
You're going to want to make sure you have spare batteries, of course, but what about extra media to record on? Always be sure to bring along spare items like flash memory cards, video cassettes, DVDs, or even external hard drives. At the very least, you will be able to remove part of the material stored on the memory card if you have an external hard drive.


When making a movie, you will need a wide variety of views, perspectives, and filters at your disposal. It is recommended that you get a head start on assembling a great collection of lenses and filters for your camera. You should begin with purchasing the fundamentals, and as your skills improve, you will be able to advance to purchasing the items that will give your photographs that bit of an edge.
For instance, those lazy fish eye images are taken using a wide-angle lens. In really bright situations, you don't want to have a poor reflection distorting your photographs. Different polarizers and neutral density filters may be used to separate these.
In order to magnify a small ladybug that is perched on top of a sunflower, you are going to want a lens that has an extremely high magnification capability. Macro lenses are the common name for these types of lenses.


No matter what time of day it is, you just cannot do without enough illumination. There is a possibility that there is something that is obscured and requires a sliver of light to illuminate it. When you're on location, there isn't a lot of time to hurry out and set up a lighting set, but you can use a full lighting set to accomplish the most of the studio-type images.
A high-quality camera light is all that is required to bring the lighting of your documentary up to the level of a professional studio.


You want your video to have a decent stable look if you're going to be filming any type of movie from a family event, whether it's a wedding, an anniversary, or a birthday celebration. It is not desirable for it to be moving all over the place like that. By investing on a tripod, you can put your footing on ground that is more stable and get a video stream that is lovely and smooth all the way through.
After the camera has been positioned and stabilized, it is quite simple to raise the tripod up and move it to a new location. This eliminates the shakiness that is present in a video and provides you with better flow when you pan around the space.
Tripods come in a wide variety of designs, lengths, and sizes; some are even miniature versions designed for use on desktops. You'll only need to check that it works with the camera you have. There are tripods available that are not only compatible with professional video cameras but also with camcorders and smart smartphones.


When it comes to the overall sound quality of the movie, having a microphone that is of professional quality makes all the difference. If you really want to understand what is being said, whether it be during a speech, during a movie with dialogues, or even during your child's play, you need it.
The vast majority of microphone types are compatible with all brands and models. Check that the connection jack on the device you're using is compatible with it just to be safe. Make sure you can return the product if it does not function properly with your camera, since most will include a list of cameras that they are compatible with; however, if you are unable to easily get this information, you should ensure that you are able to do so.
There are additional boom poles that can be purchased separately and attached to a microphone in order to increase its reach. If you are interested in purchasing a boom pole, you should also think about purchasing a shock mount so that your microphone will remain stable. It eliminates the bumping sound that occurs when the mic is not securely connected and the loud movement sound that occurs when you relocate the mic.
In addition, there is the option of using a wireless microphone, which makes it much simpler to record sound even if you do not have a second person present to hold a boom mike for you. Remember to bring along a quality set of headphones so that you can keep an ear on what's going on behind the camera.

Mirror that reflects light

You will find that a light reflector is one of the most useful accessories to have in conjunction with your camera. It will make a dull photo lovely, clear, and shine, and it will also change a shot that seems like it was taken by a beginner into one that looks like it was taken by an experienced expert.
Video editing software installed on a computer
Checking your photos at the end of the day to see whether you have any that are worth retaining and being aware that you may need to edit them is one of the most crucial portions of the day. To do that, you are going to require a reliable computer.
Laptops are sufficient for fieldwork, for doing fast inspections, and for making modest home videos with the family. A regular desktop computer is perfect for creating Christmas videos that can be uploaded to social media and shared with friends and family.
You will, however, need either a Mac or one of the most advanced desktop computers in order to use all the high-end visuals and editing features. It needs to be equipped with a robust graphics card that is up to the challenge of handling whatever level of video editing work you have planned. In addition, the computer will need sufficient processing power, sufficient storage space (both internally and outside), and sufficient RAM to be able to work with the graphically intensive applications.
It is not sufficient to just have a computer; you will also want an adequate editing application. On the market, you may find a wide variety of editing software programs, including freeware, open source, and professional versions. You can do short edits using online tools, but if you want to learn how to edit professionally, you'll need some desktop program like Adobe Photoshop.
Pick one that satisfies all the requirements you could have for its features and functionality. Once again, it is dependent on your available funds, the goal of your film, and the degree of experience you have with video editing.
Film Production Equipment Checklist Template Word Pdf, Template, Video Checklist, Process Steps,  Sample


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