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Two Hour House Cleaning Checklist Template Word

Gemma Way October 19, 2022 Checklist
Have you ever received a text message saying "I'll be at your house in 30 minutes" when, in the meanwhile, your home was in a full and utter state of disarray?
We are all too familiar with the anxiety that comes along with frantically trying to fill in a gap in a hurry. Even if you arrange a dinner party many months in advance, it always appears as if you wind up having to do the duties just before the party. This is incredibly frustrating. The combination of a cocktail dress, pearls, and rubber gloves is one that we are quite familiar with.
The problem with this ineffective approach of cleaning is that you often wind up missing important areas, such as filthy dishes that are still in the sink, a stray lint ball, or a trash can that is completely full in the bathroom.
We came up with the fastest and simplest techniques to clean your house in a hurry for visitors in an attempt to make us procrastinators a bit more organized. No matter how much time you have, from thirty minutes to two hours, we can accommodate you.

Things That Need to Be Done BEFORE You Begin Cleaning

Let's go straight to the meat of the matter so that we can devise an excellent strategy for efficiently cleaning the home in a timely manner. Do not worry if you think that all of this information is too much to remember at once; at the conclusion of this piece, you will discover some incredibly useful printable checklists that you may download.
You should read through the text to have a clear idea of how much time you should commit to each component, but don't forget that you can always simply print off the list to keep with you for quick reference.

Consider the areas that need your attention the most

The very first thing that you have to do is give some consideration to what aspects of the space need cleaning and, more significantly, what aspects do not require cleaning. Whatever it is that you want to do, having a detailed strategy will help you achieve it. You only have two hours, so you'll need to think strategically about how you use your time.
The following are some points to think about:

Get the greatest materials you have for cleaning

Take note that I mentioned your best; you need to pull out the heavy guns since we don't have time for cleaning solutions that function poorly or vacuum machines that clunk out because we don't have time for such things. Since you are on a tight schedule, we need to choose to clean supplies and equipment that we are certain can do the task in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.
When it comes time to clean up fast, there are some essentials that you will want to employ. Get yourself a caddy so that you can move all of your cleaning supplies about the home with ease. Use a basket instead if you don't have one available to you.
You may easily reduce the amount of clutter in your whole home by using a box or a basket. When you've finished collecting all the junk, put it somewhere safe so that you may sift through it when you have more time.
A high duster is the simplest and most effective method to remove dust and cobwebs from high ceilings and walls, as well as from ceiling fans. It may also be used to clean high ceilings. It is also possible to use a broom.

The moment has come to set a timer

Let's ramp up the intensity by employing a timer to keep track of the clock! But, what do you think? You're not really going to set the timer for a full twenty-four hours, are you? Instead, you are going to set a timer for each of the activities that you have to do inside the allotted period of time of two hours.
Guys, this is a HUGE deal because keeping track of both the amount of time you spend cleaning, and the specific tasks involved in that cleaning will prevent you from being in one location for an excessive amount of time.

Tips and Tricks to Get Your House Cleaned in Just Two Hours

Scrub one chore after another

Do not dust a bedroom, then start cleaning the kitchen, and before you complete dusting the kitchen, start dusting the living room since it is so close by. If you continue to move about in this manner, you will only end up confusing yourself, becoming uninspired by the length of time it is taking you to clean, and maybe giving up altogether.

Why you should tidy one area before moving on to the next

You won't be able to be sidetracked, you'll be able to monitor your work, and you'll gain speed, which will enable you to clean your home in an extremely short amount of time. This is an effective strategy for a number of reasons.

How to clean up one thing at a time

It's quite simple! Choose one chore, such as organizing the clutter, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms or the kitchen, or mopping the floors, and focus only on that one activity until it is finished. After you have finished one activity, you are free to go on to the next one.

Make a squeaky clean exit

Do not do this: after decluttering a bedroom, you decide to start vacuuming instead of dusting the room even if you still need to dust. Then, in order to dust the room, you walk on the carpets that have just been cleaned, which is merely going to deposit more dust on the floor that you just vacuumed.
You could give the floor another pass with the vacuum cleaner, or you might decide to let the dust remain where it is. In any case, at this point you are just helping to hinder your own progress.

Why you should clear the path before you exit

When you leave a room after cleaning it, you won't have to worry about having to go back and fix anything. Doing double the job will simply slow you down, which is a terrible thing to do. Simply said, following this strategy is the most efficient way to clean.

How to sweep your path to freedom

You've probably heard this before: while cleaning, you should always work from the top down, left to right, and inside out. Well, the last bit is my addition to this time-tested piece of guidance.
To put this into effect, do the following: once it is time to vacuum, plug your vacuum into an outlet that is located outside the room. The next step is to begin vacuuming the room from the spot that is the farthest away from the door, and then work your way back toward the entrance. You will never have to step back into the room if you plug it in on the outside, and the freshly vacuumed carpet lines will continue to look perfect.
Maintain a regular cleaning schedule
Do not proceed in the following manner: you enter a room, glance about, scratch your head, and consider for a minute about where you need to begin. After some time has passed, you come to a conclusion and then immediately begin acting on it. It's not immediately clear why this is incorrect, but figuring it out is not difficult.
Reasons why you should stick to a cleaning schedule
It is quite simple to feel helpless in the face of an overwhelming mess at home. The elimination of uncertainty throughout the cleaning process may be accomplished by developing a strategy or routine in advance. When you have a cleaning routine, you don't need to spend time wondering about what needs to be done; instead, you just carry out the tasks that are necessary.
The proper way to stick to a cleaning schedule
Find or create one that you like, and keep it as brief as possible. Do not make an effort to commit it to memory. Examine everything thoroughly so that you can get acquainted with each stage in the process.
Following a cleaning schedule will likely cause you to clean at a slower pace at first. This is the single most significant fact regarding a cleaning routine that you need to be aware of. This is very normal, so don't worry about it, and be ready to be astounded by how much quicker you can clean!
Two Hour House Cleaning Checklist Template Word Clean In One Day Checklist, How To The An Hour, A Professionally, Your From Top Bottom,  Example Two-Hour


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