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Georgia Warranty Deed Form Printable

Dominica Alexeeva November 21, 2021 Deed
In the state of Georgia, if you want to buy a property where the owner is prepared to provide the warranties required in the transfer agreement and is legal when viewed from a legal perspective, then you need a warranty deed.
The rules contained in Title 44 (Georgia Code) must be strictly complied with by the parties involved in property transactions, including:

How To Write Georgia Warranty Deed

Step #1 : At the very top, write the identity (name and address) of the intended individual. Usually it is the buyer or a legal representative appointed by the buyer.
Step #2 : Write down the name of the county where the property is located.
Step #3 : Fill in the transfer date.
Step #4 : Enter the identity of the grantor (name, region, state)
Step #5 : Include the identity of the grantee (name, region, state)
Step #6 : Write down the amount paid by the grantee.
Step #7 : Explain the legal description of the property being transacted. Usually stated in the previous deed.
Step #8 : Signature and date (done in front of a notary and witnesses)
Step #9 : The original deed is submitted to the grantee to be forwarded to the clerk of the local higher court.
Georgia Warranty Deed Form Printable General Deed, Form, Property Land  -


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